Farewell Bassment

You will be missed

Will Marsh


oday marks an incredibly sad moment for all bass-heads in Perth, a day that I was hoping would never have to come.

After four long years riding the wave of success, the team at Bassment, the dubstep OG’s, have finally decided that it’s time to throw their final show.

That’s right, as sad as it makes me to say, the event that helped mark Perth as the dubstep hot spot of Australia will finally be closing its doors, after one last rave for old time’s sake.


Their home, the beloved Gilkisons Dance Studio, has provided plenty of nights worth remembering, and plenty that some won’t remember no matter how hard they try. There’s no denying that Bassment has successfully established itself as a name even those unfamiliar with EDM in Perth are well acquainted with.


While it will be sad to see it go, this wouldn’t be much of a farewell if all we did was sit here and discuss how sad we’ll all be. Instead, it’s time to look back on the story of success that followed Bassment all the way to 2018, and recount just why this event has such a special place in Perth.

Source: Bassment

Kicking off all the way back in 2014, presenting a lineup bursting with local talent, Bassment stepped onto the playing field. Dubstep was all about the slow wobbles, Gilkisons carpark was innocent and yet to be defiled, and a local lineup was enough to guarantee a sell-out. They were simpler times, and plenty would say they were better times.

After a handful of successful shows with the homegrown talent, Bassment started turning up the heat, and international legends people had only dreamed of seeing finally began making their way down to the most isolated city in the world.


All of a sudden, Bassment went from being a showcase of local talent to a virtual smorgasbord of dubstep legends. Habstrakt, Badklaat, P0gman, Midnight T, some of the biggest and dirtiest names in the game were stepping into the booth at Gilkisons, and if the tickets were selling fast before, they started shifting at hyper speed once people caught wind of what was going down.


What followed after these early-age events was four years jam-packed with dubstep goodness. Think of a name, odds are they’ve been at a Bassment.


The lineups got more and more impressive, the crowds got bigger, the carpark got dirtier, the moshpits got messier, and Perth rapidly became one of the worlds dubstep hotspots.


The list really speaks for itself. Almost everyone worth seeing seems to have graced Bassment at one time or another, and it’s no wonder why the event became so popular so quickly.

Source: Bassment



A lot has happened in the space of these four years. A lot of good memories, a lot of nights people can’t remember, a lot of filth, a lot of ID’s, a lot of tinnitus, and a damn lot of sold-out shows.


Bassment has provided Perth’s dubstep lovers with many a happy night, and it’s safe to say that I, along with many others, will sorely miss the times we spent sweating in that dance studio, having our ears ripped to shreds by whoever we were lucky enough to be seeing at the time.


As sad a reality as it may be, all good things must eventually come to an end. But as sad as it might make us, we need to look back on these last four years and remember the good times Bassment provided, because lord knows there’s been a lot of them.


I’ve seen Excision literally blow a power circuit at Metro City, I’ve seen Coffi force Soloman to down his drink in front of 3000 people, I’ve seen someone crowd surf holding a copy of the Yellow Pages – there’s no shortage of memories that I’ll cherish.


For now, I’ll leave you with a video of my favourite moment from my times at Bassment – seeing Phiso the wonderkid drop Jotaro in front of a sold-out Gilkisons. Just a heads up, if you’re epileptic I seriously recommend you don’t watch the video, and I apologise about the quality, never buy an Android.


So to the team at Bassment, we thank you all for your years of hard work, you’ve left a mark on Perth that will never be tarnished, and we here at PinkMilk wish you all immense success in your future endeavours. With Hidden just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what you've got in store, and we’ll be sure to see you there.