Getter & Eliminate: The Sunday Sesh

Not a bad way to end the weekend

Will Marsh


ood old Sunday afternoon. A time people usually spend complaining about the impending Monday, whilst sat on a couch, hungover, regretfully going over all the decisions they made on the night before.

Well, it seems the guys at Disclosure are sick of people spending their Sundays regretting the bender they’ve been on for the last two days, and decided to give people a whole new reason to just keep it going.

The announcement of Getter, on his fourth tour Down Under in less than two years, and Eliminate, fresh off the plane for his first Australian experience, was more than enough to summon a horde of bass-heads together for one of the most hectic Sunday sesh’s Perth has seen in a very long time.

I’ll admit to being a bit concerned about how ticket sales might be affected, but evidently I didn’t need to worry. It seems plenty of people are sick of Perth’s typical Sunday sesh, featuring overpriced beer and whatever trash the radio is playing, and were craving something heavier. 

Despite 850 people filling the venue, there was more than enough space to make sure you didn’t accidentally step on someone’s Yeezy’s and have your head caved in before having a chance to apologise, which is always nice.

Anyway, enough of that, onto the acts.




If you’ve been to a dubstep show in the last year or so, then you’ve almost definitely heard ‘Snake Bite’ be thrown into a set. Arguably his biggest song, it’s one of the main tunes that helped really get him onto the map. From there, he’s grown into one of Disciple’s powerhouses, producing music at an insane rate.

He went hard from the get go, dropping tracks from his ‘Reload’ EP, and keeping a real nice flow going throughout his set. The sub-woofers could barely keep up as he continued to throw tunes into the mix. He played just about everything and everyone – Barely Alive, Virus Syndicate, Svdden Death, Skrillex – I could hardly keep up.

The crowd, for the majority of his set, was fairly disappointing. Being a frequent crowd pleaser, Getter always seems to draw a crowd in Perth, and it did look like a lot of people were there purely for him. Disappointing, yes, but thankfully, it didn’t seem to bother Eliminate too much. He kept his energy up, and was rewarded for his perseverance, as the crowd gradually began to come to life.

Sadly, it seemed to be too little too late. Not long after the crowd started waking up, Eliminate made his way off stage. Whether he liked it here is hard to say, but thankfully, he didn’t let an average crowd drag his performance down, and I definitely respect him for that.




Boy oh boy, he really likes it down here. Four shows in less than two years. That’s a total of 152 hours spent on a plane, just to come and perform for one of the most remote countries on the planet, amazing.

He’s always guaranteed to throw down, and the noise of the crowd definitely reflected this. Collective ‘ooh’s constantly rocked the venue, as threw down a very diverse set, full of filth and feels.

I’m still upset at the absence of ‘Rip n Dip’ from his set, but he more than made up for it by dropping of his biggest tunes; ‘Inhalant Abuse’, ‘Head Splitter’, and ‘All is Lost’,  as well as tracks from Space Laces, Skrillex, and the young god Mastadon

Despite being insanely sick, Getter didn’t pull a Monxx (if you know you know), and committed to putting on a hell of a show.


Of all the times I’ve seen him, this set far surpassed his previous ones. Some of his mixes were just too good to handle, and he seemed to play a much wider range of music this time round. I suppose next time he’s here, I’ll be able to judge if he just keeps getting better.

Until then, this has been my breakdown of Eliminate and Getter, hope you guys enjoyed.