RL Grime's Album is Finally Here

RL Grime's 15 track album has arrived

Will Marsh


fter what feels like months of waiting, RL Grime's album 'Nova' has finally arrived, and it's jam-packed full of bangers.

The producer has been teasing this release for months, and it feels good to finally have access to all 15 of the beautiful tracks he's put together.

Six of the songs were pre-released, just as a bit of a taste for those eager fans who couldn't wait for the whole album, which means we've been blessed with eight brand new, never before heard RL Grime tracks, as well as a beautifully crafted interlude.

The producer has expressed on social media how difficult the journey was for him over the course of creating 'Nova', with him hoping that the album would be the birth of something new, a new chapter in his saga.

My personal favourite has to be the first song 'Feel Free', I just couldn't help but let out a satisfied 'oof' when I heard it drop, and it perfectly captures that typical RL Grime sound we all know and love.

Regardless of which your favourite might be, the album is full of tunes to keep you jamming all night, and the wait has most certainly been worth it.

Listen to 'Nova' here: