The Internet Responds To Flume's Burning Man Shenanigans

Let's hope his parents don't use Twitter...

Will Marsh


arlier today, the music world had the pleasure of awaking to some of the most bizarre EDM-related news headlines we’ve seen in a very long time.

On this fine day it's Australian sensation Flume who finds himself at the centre of attention, only this time round it's got nothing to do with his music, no, this time he's in the spotlight for (I can't believe I'm writing this), eating ass.

Videos on Paige Elkington’s IG story showed a sign in the Burning Man crowd posing the question, “Does Flume even eat ass”, which was followed by the producer quite clearly giving the crowd an answer right then & there. Conclusion, he does.

In the hope of maintaining the slim chance this site has of ever being monetised I won't be posting it here, but after the video was quickly removed from IG it soon began blowing up all over Flume's sub-reddit, much to the satisfaction of the internet.

A meme goldmine just waiting to be tapped, his interesting behaviour has gathered some hilarious responses from the music world. A decision the internet will, quite literally, never let him forget - here’s some of our favourite responses to Flume’s burning man shenanigans thus far. Enjoy <3

Man, I love the internet.